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Term Dates

2023 / 2024


6th September - 15th December

HALF TERM (closed)

23rd October - 27th October


4th January - 27th March

HALF TERM (closed)

12th February - 16th February


15th April - 19th July

HALF TERM (closed)

27th May - 31st May

4th September 2023
5th September 2023
1st December 2023
3rd June 2024

15th December 2023 - close at 12noon
18th July 2024 - last day of term - close at 3pm
19th July 2024 - open for graduation ceremony (leavers  only)


Our Policies and Procedures document is currently being updated. A hard copy can be viewed in the setting and is available for all to use. A copy will be sent to all parents on register.

Healthy Eating

At The Wendover Pre-school we promote healthy eating.

For our morning and afternoon snacks we have fresh fruit and/or vegetables, along with a carbohydrate.

The snacks we provide are varied and nutritious taking into account children’s dietary needs and/or allergies.

In the summer months we grow some of our own fruit and pick these for snack times.

The Wendover Pre-school is a NUT FREE pre-school.

Packed Lunches

Lunch Club provides a relaxed environment in which children further develop social skills, practice good table manners and learn about healthy eating. Children should bring lunch in a suitable container, which is marked clearly with their name.

At Wendover Preschool we support children to develop independence when eating their lunch. This will help when they go on to ‘big’ school. We ask that you keep this in mind when packing a lunch – avoid fiddly wrappers or difficult lids. All uneaten food and wrappers go back into a lunch box – so as you can see what has/has not been eaten.

Water will always be available, but you are welcome to include unsweetened fruit juice (not fizzy) in a named bottle.

To promote a comprehensive understanding of healthy eating, we provide parents with information about what to include in a healthy lunchbox and about foods that should not be included.

The Wendover Pre-school is a NUT FREE pre-school.  Please check all lunchbox ingredients.

Your Child's Health

In order to keep infections in our setting under control, we ask that parents err on the side of caution and keep their child at home if they are unwell.

On occasions we may have children in the setting with medical/health needs. This may include the need to administer any ongoing medication, occasional medication, emergency medication or preventative medication.

Please note only medication prescribed by a GP can be administered.

Please see below our Keeping Everybody Well at WPS information sheet and our relevant Policies, but if in doubt we ask that parents call before bringing their child into the setting

This is how we help each other to stay well at WPS

Staying well

Using my hand or not covering my mouth or nose when I cough or sneeze might make my friends or teachers unwell so I will always try to…

Catch my choughs & sneezes

Catch sneezes

Using my hand or my clothes to wipe my runny nose might make my friends or teachers unwell so I will always try to…

Use a tissue, flush the tissue & wash my hands

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