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Wendover Pre-school is a charitable incorporated organisation.  A board of Trustees oversee the running of the Pre-school. 

The Pre-school provides a safe and stimulating environment for children, allowing the opportunity to join with other children and adults to “Love, Laugh, Play and Learn Together”.  The Early Years curriculum values play as a necessity in order to develop emotionally, cognitively and physically. 

At Wendover Pre-school emphasis is made on play being a vital part of the learning and development process.  We follow the lead of children and adjust the environment accordingly.  We build on what children know and can do.  Our practitioners closely observe children to determine developmental stages and identify interests and fascinations.  Individual play plans are then made to incorporate each child’s unique needs.  The group plan for the next day doesn't get written until ‘today’ is over – it is directly led by what has happened ‘today’.  We know that children will not develop a love of learning unless they are absorbed & excited by their environment.  We support children to embrace challenges, extend ideas, persevere and learn from mistakes.  We recognise that learning is buried deep within children’s play.

Parents as Partners, How We Work Together

At Wendover Pre-school we work closely with parents to support children’s development and wellbeing.  Parents and practitioners share a joint interest in and responsibility for children’s development and learning.  Both parents and practitioners play a fundamental role in building children’s self-esteem and dispositions to learn, although we bring different perspectives and expertise.  Together we can provide the very best learning environment.  We actively encourage you to talk to us; tell us about your child at home.  Fill us in on the gaps and help us to create a bigger picture.  In turn we share with you what your child is doing at Pre-school through discussion, the 'thinking book', learning journeys, letters and curriculum information.  Parents are encouraged to share our 'challenge cards' with their children.  The challenge cards provide you with ideas that will encourage learning & development at home.  They are fun, short activities that will fit into your daily routine.  Our children enjoy sending out invitations for Parents to join us for special singing sessions, craft times or wake and shake.